Friday, March 15, 2013


Happy Friday.
I love shrimp and pasta.
So does Brody.

Here's what our last weekend was like.

I wasn't as bad as they predicted.

We got in some movie time and sledding.

Abby went to a princess spa birthday party, so AJ requested his own spa experience. Complete with cucumber slices.

We made more laundry detergent from this post.

This is the before and after of mom freaking out.
Seriously why do they do that to their room?
I'm addicted to Downy's Unstopables scent booster.
It helps me get through laundry.

Face timed with my sis as she opened her birthday box.

Love that gal.

We are going rock some good times this summer in our shades.

Love his sweet little toes.

And how he sleeps with his bum up in the air.

Pretty much love everything about nap time.

And I always have grand plans to be ubber productive during nap time.

But sometimes I just do this...

A 71 degree sunny afternoon required a wardrobe change...

And trip to park yesterday afternoon.