Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Spa Girls Night

Last Friday one of my most favorite people hosted a DIY spa girls night!

We ate.
We told stories.
We laughed.
We drank Dr. Pepper.
We made fun stuff together.
It was so refreshing and uplifting.
It was simply delightful.
It was good for the soul.

And I am in love with everything we made!

We made Crystal Light Lip Gloss
So easy and so delicious!

We made Gardener's Hand Scrub
Again so easy and so amazing!
It smells lovely and makes your hands feel so soft.

We made Fizzy Energizing Bath Crystals
So easy and magical!
I'm not kidding!  
They really fizz when you put them in your bath water!
How fun is that?!

There are so many fun possibilities with these treats!
A spa birthday party!
Girls Nights!
Mother Daughter Dates!  


Marla said...

What a fun idea! I will HAVE to do this!!

Sara Welsh said...

My friends and I are thinking about doing a girls night soon, and I would love to do a spa theme. Your ideas for scrubs and lip gloss are perfect. It's something fun to do together, and I think it will help promote so much needed relaxing time. I can't wait to try the Gardener's Hand Scrub! My hands are always so rough, I'm really hoping this will help that!

Sara Welsh |