Friday, March 1, 2013

Insta-Friday Yo

Happy Friday!
Last Friday we had some good buddies over for pizza and a movie!
It was so refreshing to spend an evening with good friends.

Brody helping his dad out in the kitchen.

This kid thinks he can do anything.

Andy and the kids surprised me with a huge homemade chocolate chip cookie, and we all know I have a weakness for chocolate.
We braved the snow to make it to church last Sunday,
And I promptly changed back into pj's when we got home.
View from my sewing machine.
I saw this a lot this week as I finished up the quilt.
I have consumed 3 bags of these over the last week.
So much for healthy eating.
Homegirl ready for the snow.
Breaking Bad snacks after the kids go to bed.
I think Ab has the letter R now.
Thank you Disney.

She is always ready for a party.