Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello Friday.
Hello weekend.
Hello impending snow storm.
I can't wait to snuggle up and stay warm at home.
I want to just watch movies, read books, and drink hot chocolate in my pj's for the next two days.
Sounds dreamy. Doesn't it.

Last weekend Andy made my fave, French toast.
Weekend breakfasts are the best.
Trying to entertain an 18 month old and focus at church is hard.
At one point I looked around and realized no one else was kneeling...
And apparently hadn't been for a while once I realized what part of the mass we were on.
I made the sign of the cross and played it off like I was deep in prayer...not deep in over-tired mama la-la land.
We had papa's birthday party at our house.
Andy smoked ribs, and I made southern cornbread.
We had key lime pie for dessert.
It was delightful.
Ab's flowers from Sunday school sprouted and made me super excited for spring and gardening and being outside.
We had a play date with a new friend.
I love these trays like they use in school cafeterias.
They are 97 cents each at Wal-Mart.
They make me happy.
I discovered that Jelly Belly makes Dr. Pepper jelly beans
and mentioned it to Andy as a random passing thought.
He surprised me later that night with a bag of them.
I keep talking about a farmhouse in the country too...
We read a lot of Dr. Seuss books this week,
and I surprised the kids with The Cat In The Hat on DVD.
Good times.
I had fun shopping for a Barbie themed birthday party.
I started reading this book on Tuesday and finished it Thursday.
It consumed me.
Love this boy up.
Love his open mouth kisses.
And soft velvety head.
And squeals of joy.
And pudgy cheeks.
I printed these adorable animal flashcards for free
Seriously. Yellow stuffed Oreos is pure happiness in the form of a cookie.
Well played Nabisco. Well played.
Love when this girl's hair is fixed.
It was so nice out, we spent an afternoon at the park this week.
It was fabulous.
I wanted it to last forever.
We ventured to the mall for some princess birthday gift shopping after swimming for a couple hours with AJ's classmates.
I was nervous. The natives were tired.
It was risky.
I braced myself.
I could have ended in tears.
We wandered through the Lego store and The Disney Store.
And got cookies at Mrs. Field's before checking out the puppies at the pet store.
Then made wishes at the fountain on our way out.
It was fun and drama free.
And now we are battening down the hatches for another snow storm.