Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awesome Birthday Freebies!

Since it was Abby's birthday this week I decided to search for some birthday freebies, 
and I found the mother load of things you can get for free on the day you were born! 

And it is all in a nice organized list with links to sign up!

Wait it gets better...
a lot of the places send you a welcome to the club printable coupon for a freebie to use now!

It rocks.

Go HERE for the list.

Have your printer ready and have some time to devote to signing up for places.

I have two email addresses I use for my everyday personal email and one for things like this so the promotional emails aren't filling up my personal email box.  This helps save my sanity for when I don't have time to filter through like 30 emails a day.
I love free stuff!