Saturday, January 26, 2013


Because some weeks Insta Friday just doesn't happen on Friday.


This week was so full of just everyday life kind of stuff.

The kind that when added up feel like you just ran a marathon.

Brody decided to declare his independence this week.

Which has really changed the dynamic of our everyday groove.

It feels so much more





Fabulously entertaining.

He never stops.


I run around like a crazy lady trying to keep him out of trouble.

He cannot be trusted.

Even for a mere second.

I'm not kidding.

I thought Ab was a wild one.

I didn't know what was coming.

We had Ab's family birthday party last Saturday.

I love spending time with family.

I think it's so important that kids grow up with strong family connections.

A feeling of being loved and belonging.

Everyone went out of their way to make her feel so special.

It was a fabulous evening.

My favorite part was when she was so elated as Andy brought in her new bike that her little feet just danced up & down & her whole body just radiated pride & excitement. She just squealed, she couldn't contain her joy.

It was one of those melt your heart moments

that is a gift in itself simply to witness.

After church on Sunday we watched a family movie.
It was great.
I changed back into my pj's at 10am, sipped a hot chai, & snuggled on the couch with my peeps. All was right in the world.
Sunday night we went swimming.

Monday we ventured to the Science Museum and had lunch with daddy, nana, & papa since the kids didn't have school.

Brody refused to stay in the stroller.

He's pretty much done with it. According to him.

It's very helpful.

These beautiful tea cups and saucers were passed down to us!

I'm so in love.

I'm absolutely smitten.

Abby and I are already planning a formal tea party.

With Big fancy hats and dresses and gloves and

pearl necklaces and little sandwiches!

I was also gifted with this beautiful 100 year old sewing machine.

She proudly rests on our mantle for all to see.

Anything vintage intrigues me.

But a vintage sewing machine that has been passed down in the family leaves me breathless with excitement.

It was like Christmas time in my little world this week!

Brody learned how to open doors this week.


I think he's even flipping me off in this picture with his right hand.

That pretty much says it all right there.

He looks so innocent...

Till he starts feeding the dog.

This pic was Tuesday. The same day Abby confessed that she loves to lie because she gets what she wants faster when she lies.
As a parent, where do you even start with that?
And the same day Brody rounded the corner when I was folding laundry...
Playing with the toilet brush.
The toilet brush people.
Of all things he could get into to play with.
He picked the toilet brush.
I threw up in my mouth.
Nothing is safe.
Another day this week I was washing dishes and realized I haven't seen Brody for a couple minutes. Panic set in and I ran down the hall to find him. As I passed the hall table I heard a little giggle.
Yup. The kid thinks the glass hall table is a bench just for him.
The other two kids never noticed the hall table.
Brody has declared it his.

I wore my brother James' coat one day this week.

It still has a wrapper from his cigs in the pocket.

I get it out every time I wear the coat & smell it.

It has lost it's smell over the last 7 years.

But I hold onto it.

Trying to smell the way it used to smell

Imagining the smell.

Because there is a part of me that believes if his coat still has a wrapper he touched, it still belongs to him. The same part of me that didn't want anyone to touch the change on his side table from emptying his pockets or move the lump of dirty clothes in the bottom of his closet.

Because if those normal everyday things things still existed untouched, maybe he would too.

His side table was cleared off and his clothes were picked up.

But I still carry his wrappers.

I have a slight addiction to searching Craigslist.
Because you never know when something fabulous might be posted.
Like this 1913 Singer and table for $25!
She needs some work, but she is home now in my living room.
She makes me happy.

I live a beautiful chaos.




Sharon said...

What a great craigslist find!!! Your posts crack me up :) I know that when little missy starts crawling, I'll be in trouble.