Friday, January 18, 2013

Insta Friday

Capturing a little bit of our crazy every week.
life rearranged
This week...
Latte got a much needed haircut.
I'm always a little sad when we cut his hair.
I love the scruffy look on him.
Ab worked on her poster for her Small Wonders class.
She sang the entire time.
Basically just narrating what she was coloring.
I love how she does that.
That's Abby's artist take on baby Moses.
I'm loving having a Bible app.
So easy to find verses quickly.
I always panic and finally find the verse 
about the time the speaker moves on to the next subject.
Which makes me flustered and have anxiety and want to just listen without looking the verse up.
Problem solved.
Thank you technology.
I printed this fun print from HERE and painted it.
And hung it on Andy's mirror with wasabi tape like the dork that I am.
So simple, and it made me happy.
I think he liked it.
Started Ab's princess and knight bday party preparations.
Can't believe chicka is going to be 4!
Ab rocked out one night as we were getting dinner ready.
So funny
This thing is a hit...
With all 3 kids.

And I may try to rock out on it sometimes too.
But I don't look cute like they do.
It was warm enough for a little trip to the park Thursday afternoon.
We didn't last long, but it felt good to be outside.
I'm so ready for warm weather.
Like I want it here.
Three weeks ago here.
Have a fun weekend.
Rock out with your fam.
It's fun.


Holly Oshesky said...

I totally agree with you on the Bible app. I didn't think I would like it at first, but now I use it all. the. time. Technology is great. Hopping over from InstaFriday.

jenn said...

love the "love" sign - totally doing that for my husband! :) have a great weekend! xoxo

Vanessa said...

So glad you liked the "I Love Everything" Print!