Friday, January 11, 2013

Insta Friday

Happy Friday Friends!
We had a fabulous week integrating back into the real world.
It was seriously a re-entry back into the world outside our little sphere.
Abby was mad she had to get dressed every day.
life rearranged
We had waffles at Nana and Papa's last Saturday.
I love me some breakfast food.
And I really love Papa's cooking.
It was a win-win.
Brody learned the joy of a candy cane.
We are talking
He was straight up giddy.
And sticky.
We had hot chocolate with good friends.
Love these guys.
Love to watch their friendship.
I indulged in a chai wrapped in this adorable cuff from 'lil sorella.
Rainbow cable knit pretty much rocks.
So does she.
This already fabulous treasure...
became this fabulous dress up wardrobe!
This has always been my most favorite piece of furniture in our house.
I love everything about it from the little flower designs on the doors to the little white knobs.
I had breakfast with a princess.
Love Sunday morning orange cinnamon rolls.
Thank you Pillsbury.
Brody moved into his own room.
He's loving his new space.
I'm loving that he has his own space.
We made THIS.
Pumpkin + pasta = amazing
A friend told me about about the ingenius idea of storing kid dishes and plastic family dishes down in the lazy susan...
So the kids can help unload the dish washer and set the table.
Love seeing them take pride in doing these tasks!
I converted our Lego instruction book vomit
into a Lego instruction book binder...
And my heart was happy.
Girlfriend painted and sang to herself for almost 2 hours one morning while I did dishes and picked up the house.
And everything felt right in the world.
I went through a bag of art I made as a kid and found this picture of my mom from 1960 stuck between some old paintings and stories I wrote.
Such a treasured surprise.
Snuggle loved this dog a lot this week.
He's getting old.
He walks into things.
It breaks my heart.
He was 3 pounds and fit in the palm of my hand when we got him.
Love him and that crazy fur of his.
Relaxed with a good magazine, some hot coffee and homemade biscotti from a friend
and took in how blessed I am to have such abundance in my life.
AJ started a tumbling class this week.
It was pretty funny to watch him make laps around that room.
I started a new bible study this week
and felt so exactly where I need to be in my life right now.
It was Broncos spirit day at the kids' school today.
So fun to see all the blue and orange and to see the kids get so excited to participate.
And Ab had ballet.
Not sure what ballet pose this is...
But it's what I got when I asked her to pose...
Have a great weekend with your fam!


lil' mama said...

Love the picture of you mom. Beautiful and so special.
Stealing the lazy susan kid dish idea. Genius.
Need to do something with our lego instruction book vomit too. Good idea :)

Anne Bickle said...

haha, love that last little picture! I love them all, actually. what a fun/busy week! blessings to you, friend. xo,ab

Katlyn said...

Miss u! Need to see you soon!