Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Party Fit For A Princess

Abby wanted a princess party this year. 
And we all know how I love planning a good theme party.

The challenging part of throwing Abby a princess party...
is that most of her friends are boys.

So we went with a Princess AND Knights party.
And let me tell ya we had A LOT of fun with this theme.

I have a strong belief that childhood birthday parties should be magical.
We grabbed the pennant banner from her old shabby chic room, made a paper chain and  princess banner from scrapbook paper I already had, and ordered balloons from Party City.

I cut arm and neck holes in pillow cases from Wal-Mart and appliqued felt crosses on them.
Andy cut out cardboard shields for the boys to decorate and printed some dragons and lions.

I decided arming a group of excited kids with foam swords was not in our best interest, but did buy one helmet and sword for pics.
 We found a dragon pinata to slay.
The girls wore princess dresses.
I surprised Abby by dressing up too.
Because seriously once you're an adult and already married 
how often do you get to dress up like a princess?!
I wore my senior prom dress my mom made 14 years ago when I requested a Cinderella dress.
It didn't quite fit the same as it did back in the day, but it worked. 
Andy even go in on the fun and rented a costume.
We had a lot of fun taking pics in our costumes.
Well I had fun taking pictures...not sure AJ felt the same way.
We practiced our archery skills...
decorated wands...
Had mermaid races...
ate cake...
thanked everyone with Cinderella blue cookies and cookie cutters
(that I kid you not are left over from our wedding 9 years ago...
why did I order like 300 cookie cutters?!)...
 and opened gifts after everyone left.
It was truly a magical afternoon.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous party! And dressing up like a princess??!? Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing all the details!