Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello friends!

Here is another glimpse into our crazy, wonderful life via pics.

I love our Sunday mornings after church.

It's our chill time.

Our no where to be, but together time.

Brody outgrew his first pair of shoes...

which always makes me a little sad.

But I do love shopping for new shoes and just couldn't resist these little Converses.

Funny how a little pair of shoes can make him seem so big.

A sweet little girl came to our door Sunday afternoon

and totally sabotaged my healthy eating efforts.

I have a love/hate/but really love relationship with these cookies every year.

I counted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Box Tops for AJ's school this week.
I can only handle it for about an hour before I want to poke my eyes out.
I really am happy to be able to volunteer my time to help his school out
from the comfort of my home.
Don't get me wrong...
I think it's super cool that so many people send in Box Tops.
I just never imagined how many there would be.
Or how it would cause a sudden onset of Restless Leg Syndrome.
AJ is practicing writing a sentence every day now with his homework,
and it melts my heart to watch him take so much pride in his work.
I am so in awe and proud of who he is.
With an intensity of emotion I never knew till I had kids.
Watching a child develop a strong self-concept
right before your eyes is magical.
AJ asked me this week, "If God made everything, who made God?"
Powerful question from a little boy.

Apparently Brody wanted a book.

(He is developing a really strong independent self-concept.)

It snowed and was freezing cold this week.


We worked on tying shoes this week.

We let Ab pick her birthday dinner since her actual birthday fell during the week.

And I really didn't feel like cooking that night.

She picked Red Robin. They always do.

She let go of her balloon in the parking lot. She always does.

I went to a meal planning class one night.

It was awesome.

I'll take all the help I can get in this area.

Brody sporting his gangsta look.

Abby celebrated her bday at school.

Her teacher has kids donate their fave picture book to the class instead of bringing treats. Ab picked a Pinkalicious book and got to sit up by the teacher as she read it to the class. She was over the moon.

It's a cool way to celebrate I think.

I had a $5 coupon to Sally's that was expiring this week.

I was excited to get some new nail polish.

Somehow Abby is the one that ended up with new nail polish.

These kids have me wrapped around their little fingers.

Andy surprised me with lunch one day.
I picked a giant Starbucks & leftovers.
Because that's how I roll.
I was way over Brody unloading the spice rack
and bottom two shelves of the pantry a hundred million times a day.
That little plastic device on the door knob saved my sanity I tell ya.
Take that Brody. Go play with all the toys you got for Christmas!
Not the damn Paprika and powdered sugar.

I went the entire month of January without drinking soda.

Which is huge for me. I had quite the addiction.

So I rewarded myself with a Dr. Pepper today.

I know. There is something wrong with that concept.

I'll go back to no soda tomorrow.

I pinky promise.

I lost 7.5 pounds since the new year.

I can live without Dr. Pepper with results like that.

Ab got some new lip gloss.

Nuff' said.

The other day over our PB&J's she asked me if I knew what Tinker Bell was doing right at that exact moment.

I said I wasn't sure.

And smiled in my heart that she believes fairies exist.

They may be growing up, but they will always be my babies.



Marla said...

I've never heard of a meal planning class! So neat! I feel like with all the info in internet and blogs it shouldn't be hard to menu plan, but IT IS!!!! We are in a rut and I'll do really well one week, then the next is a total flop! Sigh. :)

Anne Bickle said...

I always enjoy the pictures of your weeks. Lip gloss, enough said. Gotta love it. Also, Converse. I love Converse. I love getting my kids things that I love. Also, "woo-Hoo!" Way to go on your weight loss goals. xo, ab