Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Kindergarten Quilt

AJ's class needed a volunteer to help create a project for their silent auction.
 A project that each kiddo contributed to in some way. 

I love stuff like this, and couldn't resist.
I was on mission to find something that captured the fun, whimsical spirit of being a kid.

In my quest for the perfect project, I found Distant Pickles post about a quilt she made for her mother.
The second I saw it, I knew in my heart it was the one.

I was able to go into AJ's school one day and trace each kiddo's hand on the fabric of their choice and let them write their name on their hand.
It was awesome to see each of his classmates' excitement to be a part of a class project. 

Then I got to work like crazy cutting, appliqueing, and quilting!
And at moments wondering if I could pull this off...

Here is how it turned out:
It is quite possibly my most favorite project I have ever made.

 I hope someone at the auction loves it too.


JuliePickles said...

It is so beautiful Chance, very nicely done! I really love how colorful it is, it is definitely going to be loved <3

lil' mama said...

WOW. It's so wonderful. Nice job Chance! My kids not even in the class and I want the quilt. That would be a fun family quilt idea.

Lisa said...

That's one amazing quilt!

Our Little Bubble said...

that's AWESOME!! I love it! It will most certainly bring in some big bucks.