Friday, February 8, 2013


Happy Friday friends!
It feels like I just did an Insta-Friday post.
Funny how the long days turn into short weeks, isn't it?
Anyway. Let's get this party started.
Ab was given The Little Mermaid DVD for her birthday.
To say that it has made an impact on her would be a slight understatement...
Yup. Girlfriend wants to be Ariel when she grows up.
It irritates the living fire out of the 6 year old realist, AJ.
He tries to tell her she cannot grow up to be a mermaid.
In fact he screams it at her till he's red in the face & veins are popping out of his neck.
(Never a dull moment.)
I tell her she can do and be anything she puts her heart to.
And if there is anyone that will grow up & be a mermaid in some dive show just to prove her older brother he is wrong...
It is Abby.
The Little Mermaid was my all-time fave movie as a little girl.
So I totally get it.
And I sound just like Jessica Simpson as we drive around town.
Half price dogs on Groundhog Day.
Oh yeah, we were there.
Love when this boy looks all fresh cut.
100 days.
And he hasn't missed a single one.
(Knock on wood.)
I shouldn't have blogged that.
Next week he'll get the flu now and miss the whole week.
This little boy is SO helpful in the kitchen.
I wonder if I put his toys in the dishwasher and cabinets if he would play with them then???
Homemade from scratch buttermilk blueberry pancakes.
I love my husband.
And food. I love food.
Just call me a running ninja.
Actually, I suck at running.
But I look like a serious runner at 5:30am when I run/jog/ok...
walk briskly in this...
Or maybe I just look like a crazy creepy walker.
I made southern cornbread in my new cast iron skillet I got from Christmas!
And ate the leftovers as lunch all week.
You read that right.
Not with my lunch, but AS my lunch.
There is something so divine about southern food.
Sometimes I daydream about vacationing down south just to eat the food.
Doesn't that sound heavenly?!

AJ and I made his Valentine's Day box this week.
It is so perfectly him.
I questioned the Lego guy with the chain attached to his head, but AJ informed me he is fishing for Valentines.
Better not mess with that.
We also prepared for Chinese New Year.
AJ's really into it.
I didn't even know he knew it existed.
He was actually fairly adamant that we celebrate it as a family.
So we are going to the Chinese Cultural Fair and Taste of China this Saturday.
He is really hoping to get a fortune cookie.
I'm down with it.
I'm really hoping to eat lots of cashew chicken.
Since I already ate all my southern cornbread.
Love me some bedtime stories on the top bunk.
Don't love me some wet Colorado snow.
It was a big week in our house.
Not only are we preparing for Valentine's Day AND Chinese New Year...
AJ learned to tie shoe laces!
Talk about a right of passage in a kid's world.
He was so proud of himself that he requested lace-up shoes.
And how could any parent say no to that?!
We worked on our Valentines one afternoon.
I know I should correct Abby on her gigantic Y.
But it just so perfectly reflects her spastic personality that I kinda love it.
I mean she is not just Abby.
She is AbbY.
And to conclude our week I was able to capture this little guy totally enamored watching his big sister in ballet class.
How freakin' sweet is that?!
It melts this mama's heart.
Have a great weekend!
I plan to party hard at that cultural fair!
Don't worry, I'll take a few pics for ya.