Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Rest Of Our Trip

In addition to Great Wolf Lodge, our trip was full of fabulous quality family time.
My cup runneth over.
I am blessed with the greatest family.

I just wish they all lived on the same street as me.
Wouldn't that be great?!
We could borrow eggs from each other and watch each others kids.
I digress...
I'll keep dreaming.

When we arrived my lovely sister, Jess, gifted me with neon nail polish, a Starbucks gift card, and Godiva chocolate caramel Gems in an adorable Starbucks mug!
Um. Hello?! That girl knows the way to this girl's heart.
And she should move to Colorado.
Brody got to play with his cousin Vincent.
They are 6 months apart.
So cute.
I love those boys.
We ate at the T-Rex Cafe for dinner one night.
Wow. Talk about fun over-stimulation.
There were beautiful yellow tulips at the shopping center outside the T-Rex Cafe.
After I explained to Abby that we do not punch flowers and bribed her with ice cream, I was able to get this sweet, calm, non-violent picture.
That girl is a piece of work.
Andy was on his own with all three kids Saturday at GWL while I went out with the gals.
He's a brave man.
Uncle Jon and cousin Jamie were there to help.
I tried not to think about it.

We started with lunch at The Melting Pot to celebrate Jess turning 30.
It was delightful.
Here's the birthday girl!
Such a lady that one.
So strong and loving.
We gifted her with a jewelry holder.
But, what's a jewelry holder without some new jewelry?!
So, we spoiled her with a few new pieces.
That pink necklace is my fave.
If she were my neighbor I could borrow it all the time.
From The Melting Pot, we went to Starbucks at Target...
where a nice stranger indulged us and took our pic.
Andy said if he saw this group coming his way, he would run the other way.
Ha! I think they are all pretty amazing women.
After everyone had their beverage of choice, we descended upon a nail salon.
All 8 of us.
I am loving neon colors this season.
I felt special to be apart of one of my niece's first pedicures.
Such a grown up experience.
I love flip flops and freshly pedicured toes.
We even went to Charming Charlies....
where I almost bought these...
but the very small practical voice inside me said,
"What would you wear them with?"
So I didn't get them.
But as soon as we started driving back to Denver,
regret consumed me,
and I called my sister to go back and pick them up for me.

I'll just have to buy something to wear with them.


Denissa said...

Nothing better then Starbucks and pedis!!
How fun :) I'm loving neon toes right now too

NanaRose said...

Yep that is the way it is to be as shoes are most important with the girls in our family.