Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cupcakes In Mason Jars

I signed up to make dessert for the teacher appreciation lunch at the kiddos' school.

I love cupcakes and mason jars and have been wanting an excuse to combine the two.

I gathered all my supplies
and went to town making strawberry cream cupcakes...
while the kids destroyed the house.
I ate like half that bag of pretzels during this process.
And may have added more whipped cream than was necessary.
I pulled some fabulous strawberry paper out of my neglected scrapbooking stash for the lids.
There is just something awesome about eating a cupcake out of a mason jar.
AJ asked if I could make his entire lunch in a jar for school from now on.  
A boy after my own heart.

Not sure a school lunch in a mason jar is going to work out though.
Sorry kid.