Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Pic Overload

I would say Easter is my fourth favorite holiday, tying with Thanksgiving.

4th of July is my all time favorite...
Halloween has moved into second place...
Christmas is third...
Then comes Easter and Thanksgiving...

Valentine's Day doesn't even make the list.

This Easter was fun.
We started with Easter baskets and a little egg hunt in the house.
My mom had this crazy idea that I loved Peeps.
So, she got me a lot of Peeps every year.

I don't like Peeps,
but it became a tradition.

One that I can't let myself not pass on to my children.
So, whether they like them or not, the Easter bunny will bring them Peeps every year.
This is probably how they stay in business.
We tried about 500 times to get a good family Easter picture.
This is one of the best ones...
despite Abby having a conversation with the tree she is standing next to
instead of looking at the camera.
We have a lot that look like this...
Would you look at these handsome fellas.
And although Girlfriend can run with the boys,
she loves a girly dress, some jewelry, and dress up shoes.
Is it just me, or does AJ look like he is in pain when he does his picture smile?
This time Andy tried to get a family picture with me in it.
Again, we have a lot that look like this.
I'm not even sure what my face is doing here.
Or what Abby and AJ are looking at.
This one is one my fave pictures from the day.
We had lunch at Andy's Aunt Lou's house.
I love their Easter traditions and decorations.
I mean, is it really Easter without the butter lamb?!
I think not.
I need to get me one of those butter molds.
And I love absolutely everything about this.
From the little bunnies to the colors to the little flowers to how perfect it is for that mirror.

It was hanging right by the front door, I probably could have grabbed it and ran...
but seeing the family again afterward would be awkward.
Maybe I'll find something similar on etsy.
Easter Lilies and a coconut lamb cake!
I know!
Be still my heart.
How fun is that?!
I caught Abby trying to steal the jelly bean nose three times.

Nothing says Happy Easter like a lamb head for dessert.
Maybe I'll make one of these next year too!
With red velvet cake!
Wouldn't that be awesome?!
One of the best parts of the day is playing in the back yard with cousins!
A puffy dress and dress up shoes don't slow that girl down.
This is her "You really think you can bet me" face.

This is AJ's "Get that camera out of my face" face.
And our last attempt at a family picture with everyone in it.
I look like I need a drink.

It was a good day.
We left the house at 10:15am, didn't get home until 9pm, and had 0 melt downs.
That, my friends, is an Easter miracle.


jessieg said...

AJ's smile cracks me up! I say forget family pictures. You'll be happier with those good candid moments you capture so well.

Anonymous said...

I love how you ranked your holidays! So fun- just like you!! Your kids have it, too. I love Abby's dress! Wonderful, just wonderful!!!