Friday, April 6, 2012

Insta Friday

Hello Friday before Easter!

We had a pretty calm week after spring break.
All three kids came back with colds, and I still haven't recovered from our trip.

Maybe I'm getting old.
The kid at the drive-thru Starbucks did call me ma'am yesterday.
I blame it on the mini van.

life rearranged

I got my spring/summer Scentsy bars this week!
I was so excited to use them...
and then this is what I woke up to Tuesday morning.
Doesn't really bring beach, or sunkissed citrus, or fresh strawberries to mind.
Damn Colorado.
One year it snowed on my birthday.
My birthday is June 2nd people!
These things are amazing.
As in why in the world would I ever make homemade cookies again kind of amazing.
This chick makes me smile multiple times
My incredible, smart, gorgeous niece that is going to run this country one day loaned me a bag of books to read while I was in Kansas.
I love memoirs.
I love para-normal romance too, but memoirs may be my favorite genre.
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons...The Memory Keeper's Daughter...Joy Luck Club...Water For Elephants...
good stuff right there.

This is the first book I decided to read out of the bag.
I'm on page 59, and just want to neglect my housework and read all day.
Can I just say footbinding was vicious. Wow.
Brody loves this thing.
Which makes doing my one hundred thousand loads of laundry each week a little easier.
Andy surprised me with these yesterday,
and sent me to Kohl's to wander around aimlessly and try on dresses for hours...
I mean to get AJ some slacks to wear on Easter.
The kids helped me stuff eggs for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.
I had my heart set on the combo on the right, but AJ said he wouldn't wear purple.
I decided not to fight that battle.
But dang, he would have looked dapper in that lavender.
Now let's just see if he really wears the clip on tie.
He's so opinionated about what he wears, and is always telling me I take his coolness away...or that what I pick out is lame.
What?! He's 5. I didn't think this stuff started for another 8 years.
My family and I like to send iphone pics of old photos to each other.
I have some pretty rad photos floating around out there.
Check out me and my little sister back in the day.
That outfit is something.
Man, we were little.
And are so blessed to have each other.
Happy egg hunting this weekend!

The Easter bunny hasn't decided if our kids are getting real chicks yet.
I think it would be awesome.

I used to get little baby ducks that were dyed pastel colors, an excessive amount of candy, and a tooth brush in my basket every year.

And my brothers would hide our eggs in ridiculous places...up in trees...
under the sleeping dog...inside the couch. I would sneak out my window and try to watch where they were hiding them.
I kid you not. It was rather competitive.

I love those memories.
Those were the days.


Angela King said...

thanks for the blog love chickie. :) love the purple shirt too. those flowers are so pretty! i've never used scentsy bars. i'll have to check them out. :)

julee said...

Sweet Easter memories! I have some similar memories of my older brothers doing crazy things on holidays. Have a wonderful weekend!

(Oh, and I'm totally craving some of those cookies now!)

Anonymous said...

Great Easter memories you have, and hiding eggs under sleeping dogs - genius!

Sorry to see you had some snow, I won't tell you of our weather this week :)


Denissa said...

Totally cracking up at your Easter memories :) so funny! My boys wouldn't wear the lavender shirt either..haha..I swear sometimes boys are more opinionated than girls!
I really want to read water for mil has every book, maybe I'll have to swipe it ;)
And all the spring scentsy scents are AMAZING!! I'm LOVING the Tingelo.
Have a great weekend and happy Easter!