Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

After driving past Great Wolf Lodge a couple times on trips to visit my sister in Kansas City,
we decided to check it out.

We stayed 3 nights and spent 4 days at the resort.

This place is a kid's paradise.
Everything is truly catered to children.

It was incredible!
If you ever have the opportunity to stay at one, don't miss out.
The kids were on cloud 9 the entire time.

It was expensive. I'm not gonna lie.
But I would say everything lived up to or exceeded our expectations...
and it is an entire vacation within itself.
We did feel that the food was over priced at the resort
and left to eat out most meals...
or ate in our room that had a microwave and fridge.
Be prepared for that.

The kids enjoyed the daily story time and puppet show in the lobby.
We spent many, many hours in the water park.
The life guards were alert, compassionate, and on top of things.
There were a lot of water slides for both Abby (age 3) and AJ (5).
There was a pretty good size area for Brody (6 months) to enjoy.
We felt safe and all three kids were entertained.
Playing mini golf with these two was hilarious.
We purchased a Paw Pass for each kiddo at $60 each...saving $40 with each pass.
We figured we would end up doing all the activities anyway, so might as well be smart about it.
The pass included selecting a bag of rocks from the gift shop (and we all know how much AJ loves rocks),
filling a cup up with candy from the gift shop,
decorating a resort t-shirt to take home,
32 tokens at the arcade,
a build-a-wolf animal at the stuffing station (which the kids are still sleeping with every night), Magic Quest wand and game (AJ picked the wizard name Quest and Abby picked Magic Hat),
and one glitter tattoo that lasts up to 3 to 5 days.
Truly, I think the best part for the kids was getting to sleep in bunk beds
in their Wolf Den.

We didn't check out the spa...maybe next time.
Because I'm sure there will be a next time in our near future.