Friday, July 19, 2013


It's Friday,

and here we are again.

These are my favorite posts.

So many of the simple moments.

Not the big planned outings or parties.

Just us in everyday real life.

Brody busted out his duck face at breakfast one morning.

I gotta say, I don't get the whole duck face thing.

Do people think it makes them look sexy?

I think flaring your nostrils and sticking your lips out is totally unattractive.

But maybe that's just me.

A boy and his dog.

Those two are buds.

AJ gave up the top bunk so Latte could sleep with him on the bottom bunk.

It's a serious bond they have.


Nana and papa's Lillie's.

They have a gorgeous front yard full of roses and a gorgeous back yard blooming with all kinds of flowers.

It's so relaxing sitting back there.

We read the Danny and the Dinosaur book a few times while papa made dinner the other night.

That boy loves dinosaurs.

It was a good night.

Brody was born with a cyst on his forehead.

It has been the great mystery everyone asks about.

We had it x-rayed to rule out a bone spur.

And Monday our pediatrician had us take him in for an ultrasound.

We are waiting to hear back from the radiologist.

Not sure what happens from here.

It's kinda scary to really think about what could happen from here.

Right now we are just waiting and praying it's no big deal.

Brody did great. He just laid there, held still, and looked around with great big eyes.

Then he waved and said bye-bye to the tech as he walked out.

That kid has my heart in his hands.

We are blessed with spending Wednesday evenings with Andy's grandparents. We bring dinner, check up on the gardens, and visit.

I spent an hour cutting up a huge watermelon

to take and leave with them this week.

Then Wednesday evening when I went to pull it out of the fridge,

and it was gone.

An entire gigantic bowl of watermelon just vanished.

Apparently AJ and Abby helped themselves to it while I was upstairs that morning.

It was enough watermelon to feed 7 people!

Guess that explains Abby's tummy ache the other day.

Darn kids.

It has been fun seeing AJ put together and play with all his bday gifts this week. He got cool, truly AJ gifts and has been eating them up! He has awesome friends in his life.
So very blessed.

Brody loves to wear hats.

Sun hats, base ball caps, stocking caps, fire fighter helmets...

He came up from the basement with this hat one day this week.

All his hats make me smile.

Love fresh strawberries.

This picture makes my heart so happy.

There is just something so refreshing and perfect about rinsing fresh fruit in the summer time, with the windows open, kids running around laughing and playing.

Then sitting outside, eating them as a family.

I still remember eating strawberries we just picked from the strawberry patch out of a big silver mixing bowl lined with a crisp white paper towel on grandma's lap, lightly swinging on Aunt's Ruth's porch swing that hung from a huge tree beside her house.

This picture brings me back there.

Back to being a kid.

In the country, with grandma.

Talk about flash backs, I played unlimited laser tag with my Capernaum kids this week and was instantly back in the 90's and a sweaty teenager all over again.

I'm not good at laser tag. In fact, I'm pretty much a spaz with a laser gun...

shooting anyone that jumps out in front of me and having no clue who shot me, from where.

But it was a crazy fun two hours and a $10 well spent.

We spent a morning at the park meeting up with kids that will be in Abby's preschool class this year.
I love that this group is already bonding.
I love this community and our school.
We went and checked out the community garden and chickens at the kids' school last night.

Their school has a garden AND chickens.

That's awesome.

We played on the playground and

met a new friend that will be in AJ's class this year.

It felt so good to have everyone feel so familiar and comfortable just hanging out at the school on a random summer evening.

So at home.

So at the right place, at the right time in our lives.

AJ wrote all his thank you notes this week.
He wrote 3 a day without complaint.
He just took it on as his job.
It is pretty amazing to see that he is big enough and responsible enough to write his own thank you notes. And take so much pride in his handwriting and showing gratitude.
Sometimes it feels like we are doing this parenting thing right.

Peace out.