Monday, July 22, 2013

Cutest Fat Quarter Lunch Bag Tutorial Ever.

I indulged in a sewing day with good friends yesterday.

It was so amazing.

90's music, chatting, peanut butter m&m's, twizzlers, Dr. Pepper,

kid-free time dedicated to sewing.


I made that Esme top I bought the pattern for forever ago.

It 's cute.

I still need to add the buttons.

I'll blog it when I get the buttons on.

A friend made the cutest lunch bag ever.

I fell in love.

Like couldn't do anything till I made this bag kind of love.

So I stayed up till almost 1am to make one!

It is reinforced with interfacing giving it a sturdy shape, is lined, and has a fabulous draw string top!

It could work for a lot of things besides a lunch bag.

I can't wait to make about one hundred more.

Check out the inside!

No raw edges!

A fun lining as a little surprise!

Pink Penguin has an awesome tutorial HERE.

I would cut my drawstring fabric about half an inch wider to have a cleaner seam. She mentions doing that, but not till later in the tutorial...after you have cut your fabric.

I also just used fleece interfacing because it's what I had, and it worked great.

Fun project with a super fun finished product!


jessieg said...

Of course I want one! It would be a great snack/activity bag for vincent and he'd love carrying it. Did I tell you he commandeered a garden tote Katniss brought me? He saw it, ran over, grabbed his tools, and stuffed them in it. So of course Katniss had to get him his own little gardening tool set to go in there. He even used them to help me plant this weekend.