Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello Friday after the 4th of July.

I'm sleepy.


But it was worth it.

We started with a lot of chill in the back yard time this week.

Playing kings and queens.

We had crepes.

I pretty much think about them all the time.

Mr. Independent helped himself to some cereal.


Don't ever eat cereal at my house.

It has probably been cleaned off the floor.

Ab wore rain boots to church.

We had Krispy Kreme after church.

Because it's easy and delicious.


We tried a super yummy summer drink from Pinterest.

We got hail one afternoon.

I took a beating trying to cover my gardens and roses.

We lost one watermelon plant.

Stupid hail.

We pulled out our red, white, and blue.

We rocked it in the bike parade.

It was Brody's first year out of the wagon.

We watched the parade.

And hosted a block party.

We played with sparklers.

And survived night terrors from over tired children.

And now I have big plans to totally ignore the real world and submerge myself into a new book from a friend.

Love finding a new series.

God bless America.