Saturday, July 20, 2013

Amy's Lemonade

I love fresh lemonade.
Every summer we make Amy's lemonade from Little Women.
Love that book.
And movie.

Here's the recipe.

It's simple and delicious.

Makes 2 quarts


1 cup sugar

3 lemons (4 if you want to add slices to look fun)

1 cup boiling water

6 cups cold water


Boil water.

Dissolve sugar in one cup water.

Cut 3 lemons in half and squeeze out juice.

Strain lemon juice in pitcher.

Add in sugar water and mix well.

Add 6 cups cold water.

Add lemon slices for decoration.

Chill and serve with ice.



Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Wonderful tradition.
So, here's my summer lemonade:
I can frozen lemonade- room temp
1 2-liter Diet Sprite
Pour sprite into pitcher, slowly add lemonade.

jessieg said...

Will be doing this when the patio is done. Patio lemonade party. It's BYOC (bring your own chair)!