Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And So It Finally Begins!

Last summer we got the mother of all hail storms.
It destroyed our garden, our roof and the exterior paint on the house and fence.
Houses all around us got new roofs and were being re-painted every day.
But I couldn't decide on colors!
It's not like a room you can just re-paint if you don't like how it turns out.
And we have red brick which seriously limits color choices.
Stupid brick.
I was a frazzled mess over it...
Obsessively driving around and taking pictures of strangers' houses.
Then I decided blue house, white trim.
But by the time I finally made up my mind...it started snowing,
thus delaying the entire process till this spring.
So spring comes around, and I see a blue house with white trim, and it just didn't seem like our house.
So the whole house/roof color selection process started over.
I was sick with indecision, paralyzed by fear of making a bad choice.
It's a HOUSE!
People don't drive by and see the dirty dishes in my sink everyday, but they see the outside of the house!
It seems like a big decision to me.
And let me tell ya peeps have made some interesting paint decisions since the hail storm.
The ranch is not perfectly color coordinated anymore.
People have taken some serious liberties with the term "earth tones".
I didn't want to be the "Oh, what happened there?" house...
The land mark house people referred to when giving directions to their house...you know, "We are two doors down from the bright whatever color house".
Yeah I didn't want to be THAT house.
Then one day my friend called and said, "I saw a house with red brick and the colors are just stunning."
I drove by it right then.
And just like that, I knew our colors.
She was right. They were stunning.
And everything in the universe was right again.

They start the roof tomorrow and the painting in a week or so.

There's no turning back now.

I hope we like it.


SaraColorado said...

Patty fom sewing just did a gray and white on their house and it is stunning. I'm excited to see how it turns out for you Chance!