Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Annual Tree Cutting

Every year we grab a Starbucks,
venture up to the mountains with the fam, 
hike into the forest, 
and cut down our Christmas tree. 
AJ is over the moon to help with the entire process...
from the quest through the forest for the perfect tree
to the actual sawing down of the tree and then strapping it into the back of the truck.
This year he loaded up his satchel that used to be Andy's as a kid
with snacks, a small saw, and rope to tie the tree down with.
He was prepared for his very important mission.
Brody got lots of snuggle lovin' from Nana and Papa
and had fun exploring in nature.
Abby was pretty much distracted by her candy cane from the park ranger
the entire time.

We ended our adventure with pizza for lunch,
and headed home to start decorating!


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