Friday, December 7, 2012

Insta Friday

I love Friday. 
I mean I L.O.V.E Friday.
Like really LOVE.
life rearranged

I also love kid drawings and writing. 
Like can't get enough of it kind of love.
AJ drew this for one of his homework pages.
It makes me smile every time I see it.
Brody and Andy rocked their tree cutting attire for the annual tree cutting.
Love it.
These kinds of things make me laugh.
They are good sports about it.
Got my hair cut and colored.
Always feels good to have fresh hair.
I love the red cups.
Like the get all excited and bubbly inside kind of love where you clap and squeal like a kid.
Having a real tree that grew out of the ground in a forest in your living room is weird.
We found feathers in this one...
little fluffy feathers from a creature...
and you have to think about a real bird hanging out in the tree that is now located beside your couch.
It's weird.
Not in a bad way I guess.
But weird.
I love cranberries.
Anything cranberry.
But when it provides energy in a liquid form it is even better.
I love Christmas decorations...
and Oreos with red creme...
and these little trees with crunchy crystaly sugar!
St. Nick came to our house.
He even left something for me.
I love St. Nick.
Oh Frisbee.
We have too much fun with you.
Man, if you could just hear Abby giggle every morning when she finds him.
It is the greatest sound in the world.
Absolutely priceless.
And this kid is gonna pull the tree down I tell ya.
Oh that sucker is going over.
There will be a moment when I am not in the room,
and it's a goner.
It's inevitable.
I love vintage.
Vintage anything.
This thing has been around my entire life.
It has to be from like my mom's childhood or something.
I wish I knew.
And the best part of my week was when I turned around at Abby's ballet class,
and Andy was standing there with a red cup!
Love that man.
Even if he pronounces Gangnam Style as Gingham Style
like the ribbon at our wedding.
Oh he makes me laugh and smile everyday.
Multiple times.

4 comments: said...

This made me smile today! Loved the elf toasting the marshmallow. I love setting up funny stuff like that for my kids. It's hard not to laugh out loud late at night while I'm doing it!

Katlyn said...

Ahhh Christmas Tree little debbies. Those things rock my world. AJs drawing is adorable and your hair looks great. Yay Andy for such a fun surprise!

Marla said...

Love your hair! Beautiful tree! And love your Elf ideas!!

jessieg said...

Jonathan needs to learn the little red cup trick. Woe me with that cup. I think it's so funny that Vincent doesn't really touch of the tree unless we're looking at it together. I can't believe all the stuff you've hung on to all these years.