Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Insta Friday

Friday is here! 

And I'm ready for a calm, normal weekend.
Well, as calm and normal as a household of 5 can be anyway.

Was it just me
 or did Christmas on a Tuesday
 totally whack out your ability to know what day of the week it was

life rearranged
It was a crazy week here in Crazytown.
(Understatement of the year.)

Last weekend I woke up with a raging sore throat, throbbing headache, extreme fatigue,
and just an overall feeling of being hit by a Mack truck.


I was already in freak out how am I ever going to pull this off mode.
And then I lost a day feeling like hell.

Don't worry, it gets better.

Sunday morning Andy is showing signs of illness, and the kids are fading fast.
Sunday afternoon phone calls are made to back out of plans to attend the traditional Hayride.
The entire family is down and out.

Sunday night I finally start wrapping presents doped up on some serious cold meds.
Starting to feel a renewed sense of holiday excitement.
Monday, Christmas Eve, Abby was not doing well at all.

So after a series of texts and phone calls with my sisters, Andy hauled her off to walk-in clinic.
Where they took one look at her and made an appointment.


4 hours later Abby is quarantined and placed on antibiotics.

I was so exhausted and brokenhearted
that we were going to miss midnight mass and the big family dinner/gift exchange...
that the flood gates opened.

Not helping the morale of the kids.

So we pulled it together...
ordered pizza and made Grinch punch.
Then we tucked the kids into bed and started toy assembly.
Where at 10:30pm, we realize Santa did not leave 4 size D batteries, 
and frantically start calling places to see what is open at 10:30pm on Christmas Eve.
Thank you Walgreens.
We were back on track by 11:00.
Balloons were placed in kids' bedrooms...
and doors were secured.
And then at 7:00am Tuesday morning the magic of Christmas happened.
We were tired, but on the mend.
Spirits were happy.
We pulled it off.
AJ promptly started putting Legos together.
Latte attacked his rawhide candy canes.
Abby became Cinderella.
Brody giggled from one toy to the next.
I put our sticky buns in the oven.
We ate and were merry, and then headed to Nana and Papa's for more fun.
We were blessed with lots of fun thoughtful gifts, each other, and our health for Christmas day.
 And we finally put the kids new bunk bed together last night.
There is something so enchanting to a child to sleep in a bunk bed.
I remember the same excitement as a kid.

It was a good week.
Exhausting, but good.
We can roll with the punches.


Anne Bickle said...

Oh man! Glad you all felt better in time to celebrate with your family on Christmas. I like the balloons and streamers across the doors. I hadn't seen that before. Have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Reading your post made me tired. Ha, ha! Jay was sick too right before Christmas. That made things....interesting. Seriously, I had to laugh when you mentioned not knowing what day it was because I was right there with you. I'm not sure I didn't loose a day in there somewhere. Poor Abby! She sure makes an enchanting princess, though. Lucky kids!