Friday, December 21, 2012

Insta Friday

It's been a busy week.
Check it out.
 life rearranged

We had breakfast with Santa.
Not overstimulating at all.
We had our church Christmas program.
I survived.
I went to the neighborhood ornament exchange.
We made, decorated, and ate cookies.
Abby had her winter program at school.
Love that girl.
It snowed, so we had an afternoon hot chocolate party.
We got 4 boxes from my siblings with week!
Talk about feelin' the love!
My lil sorella and I had our annual ornament exchange.
I started wrapping gifts like a mad woman.
We sent a few packages.
Ab and I indulged in Starbucks before AJ's holiday party.
I just love those little niblet kid cups.
We planted magic seeds from the North Pole and had cookies grow.
We laughed at Frisbee.
We went to AJ's school partay.
Man, I love that kindergartener.
This little boy was up to his usual charm and tricks.
We made hand print snowmen ornaments.
The kids put a gift together for Brody.
And I'm almost done with a little project.