Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simply Magical

Today Abby and I dawned our tights, fancy dresses, dress up shoes and lip gloss.

We curled our hair like princesses...

and went on a special girls outing to see The Nutcracker 
with special friends.

This was Abby's first outing of this kind.
It was a big day in her little world.

She looked at herself in awe in the mirror 
and giggled as she ran downstairs to leave.
The ballet was at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in downtown Denver.
Which is absolutely beautiful.
It was fun to be a part the hustle and bustle of all the holiday theater goers
and see all the girls dressed up in their glittery puffy dresses.

It was special to see Abby walk proudly among the crowds, taking it all in.

The kind of special where you kind of hold your breath and get a little teary seeing your little girl growing up and experiencing a new part of this great big world for the first time.
Abby was mesmerized watching the dancers...
occasionally asking loud questions like when are they going to talk
or when is she going to get dressed out of her pajamas
or if they were fairy ballerinas or just ballerinas.
She felt empowered and in awe of the entire experience.
She was dancing and twirling, carrying her program around all evening at home.
Even dancing as she brushed her teeth and ran to her bed tonight.

It was a magical day.
For both of us.


jessieg said...

She looks so proud and beautiful! The Nutcracker is quite the first-time ballet experience!