Friday, November 16, 2012

Insta Friday

Yay for Friday
and easy Insta Friday posts!

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life rearranged

Christmas presents have started arriving in the mail!
 I'm so excited for the holidays this season,
   I can hardly contain myself!

Don't be a hater,
 but our Christmas cards are almost ready to go out.

Crazy I know.

I'm never this on top of things.

Don't worry...
I realized that after addressing several,
I had the envelopes upside down. 
Yup upside down.   

This is how I roll.
Just when I think I'm rockin' something, 
I'm humbled.  

AJ is reading!
So excited to see everything fall into place that makes reading possible!
It truly is magical.

I took a picture of this because this never happens.

All the dishes clean and put away.
Never. Ever.

It lasted only mere moments.

Then a kid wanted an afternoon snack.

I'm not gonna lie, I was tempted to tell them no.
But I didn't.

I just made them eat it on a paper towel instead.

I made some super yummy and super easy potato soup from
Plain Chicken this week.

Perfect for a chilly evening at home.
I like this recipe way better than the one I posted last winter.

AJ asked for bacon bits.

Then he wouldn't eat his soup...
because it had bacon bits.

I don't get children.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Make some potato soup.
Don't put bacon bits in your child's soup.


Jessica said...

Ha! So typical that a child would ask for something on their food and then not want to eat it because of that! My daughter will do that with pepper. Duh! I should know better than to oblige. Have a great weekend!

lil' mama said...

I was going to make that soup this week! Glad to know it's good:) Can't believe your cards are done!!!! Love to hear about AJ and his reading. Very exciting:)

jessieg said...

I need to make this soup! V would love it!