Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girls Weekend

I went on a fabulous trip up to the mountains with fabulous friends last weekend. 
It was so fun and refreshing.

We ate crepes with Nutella, fruit, homemade whipped cream and homemade coconut syrup.
They were simply amazing.
We played lots of games.
Had a delicious chicken ceasar salad pizza one night.
Beaded super cute jewelry.

Ate a cheese ball and watched holiday and romance movies.
Had more yummy breakfasts.
Spent some relaxing time in the hot tub.

And played more games.
It was the greatest weekend ever. 
We are already planning our next one.

Can you blame us?!


Anne said...

I love the colorful jewelry! Looks like you had a super fun weekend.

jessieg said...

I wanna go!