Friday, November 23, 2012

Insta Friday

Hi peeps!
I can't believe it's Friday.

life rearranged 

It doesn't feel like Friday.
Yesterday didn't feel like Thanksgiving.
Time is a weird thing.

Ab has been practicing writing her name.
I thought girls were suppose to like doing this kind of stuff better than boys.
Not this chick.
She wasn't easier to potty train either.
And she calls our every bluff.
We are in for a ride with this one.
But we love her.
She definitely keeps things exciting.
Breaking Dawn Part 2
with my BFF.
It was a fun night.
Loving all these great photo gift deals...
Love getting these orange packages...
Love getting an early jump on Christmas gifts...

Still feel overwhelmed by Christmas...
This kid puts the happy in happy hour I tell ya.

It was just water.
 But man was he happy to be drinking it.
Andy and I have been playing cards and board games after the kids go to sleep.
We haven't played games like this in years.
We have laughed a lot.
It's become one of my favorite parts of the day.
This child can make a mess in seconds flat.
But he's pretty stinkin' cute doing it.
I love love love snuggling up and watching Christmas movies.
And I have an addiction to Sonic drinks.
I made pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.
I thought about making these fancy pumpkin pies from pinterest.

Then I decided to get real...
and used store bought crust and the recipe on the back of the Libby's can.
Off to supervise the hanging of the Christmas lights.
Have a great weekend!


Anne said...

That's great that you've been able to get your Shutterfly projects done. I get the emails with the deals, and then I get overwhelmed at how much work I have to do in 2 days before the sale ends... oh well. That's awesome, too, that you guys are playing board games. Laughing together is the BEST! xo

Marla said...

I love the idea of playing board games. I think it would help my husband and I get out of the rut of sitting on the couch- with a show on...and both of us half way paying attention to the show while we are on our respective technical devices! ;)

Anonymous said...
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jessieg said...

Love that little man holding a Sonic cup and the pumpkin pies. Board games? Not sure we could handle the fun.