Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cubby Bear

AJ was over the moon last Friday
to bring home his V.I.P. poster and Cubby Bear.

Cubby Bear lives in his Kindergarten classroom
and gets to go home with the class V.I.P. over the weekend.

AJ has been blessed with a simply amazing teacher this year.
She is compassionate, but firm when she needs to be.
She develops a good rapport with each kiddo in her class.
She knows her stuff.
She has inspired AJ, 
helped him grow in all areas, 
and fostered a love for learning in him that I hope lasts his lifetime.

The kid came straight home and worked on his poster for 2 hours.
Because he wanted to.
He was on a mission.

He had already been planning activities to do with Cubby Bear
weeks before Cubby Bear came home.

They played Legos.
They rode AJ's scooter.
Thank goodness for zip ties and a $1 basket from Target.
They played at the park...
and played at the park.
They went to church.
And they went to Krispy Kreme.
AJ even shared his orange juice.
Then AJ eagerly wrote a sentence for each picture in Cubby Bear's album to bring back to school.
Kindergarten pretty much rocks.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great post! You can see AJ brimming over with happiness! Such a special, special time.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Katlyn said...

So cute!!!! He looks so excited - I love it

jessieg said...

That boy has so much sparkle. He reminds me of you because he knows how to hold onto those special moments and savor them.