Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Story Of V's Quilt

My nephew Vincent is four months old...
it's about time his aunt got off her duff and made him a quilt.

I have been looking for the right fabric for...
well more than four months.

It just wasn't happening.

I found a line of fabric that would work, but I wavered on it so long that when I went to buy it...
it was sold out.

Heart break.
Panic mode.
Then I was just plain pissed off.

This child needed a baby quilt while he was still a baby.

Then it happened.
Thank God.
A quick walk through a quilt store.
A brief glance over the limited section of boy fabric...
and it was love at first sight.

The wheels were set in motion and the process had begun...
Two other fabric stores later for more coordinating fabric,
and I was ready to get to work.
After some consulting, calculating, and sketching with my BFF,
I set to cutting and piecing blocks.

But I was not satisfied.

It was not turning out like the picture in my head.
And this crazy, hormonal pregnant lady
I had to do this fabulous fabric and my sister's style justice.

So I started over.

Second round of piecing later,
we had a quilt top that I was happy with.


Next, I set to cutting my backing and adhering all three layers on the patio.
That adhesive spray stinks, and I needed the space...the patio it was.

Not fun when it feels like it's 100 degrees,
and you are this freakin' pregnant, but I was on a mission.

That quilt was going to be quilted that day.
Sorry if you are a neighbor and happened to glance out your back window that day...
Finally, I got out my still new-to-me machine, read over the free motion section of the manual,
and set to quilting.

Let's not talk about how many needles I broke that afternoon...
or how I cursed and cried...
and Andy made dinner while I took a bubble bath to calm down.

I finished quilting the damn thing that day.

My love affair with this quilt was becoming a real love-hate relationship.
But the good news is that my BFF taught me how to machine bind.
It's a fraction of the time, looks pretty dang good, and the perfect corners stole my heart!

I'm sorry, hand binding but we.are.over.
For good.
I'm never going back to you again.
A quick toss in the wash and dryer for the my favorite crinkling effect...
and baby V has a baby quilt before he graduates high school.
Needless to say mommy will not be making baby Brody a quilt...
anytime soon.


jessieg said...

Vincent can't wait to snuggle up with it! thanks for putting so much love into it!

lil' mama said...

It's perfect! Nice job :)

lil' mama said...

It's perfect! Nice job :)

Cindy Reed said...

I LOVE it!! :) You're amazing, girl!

Lisa said...

Wow! I echo Cindy - You're amazing! I'm still sitting with a quilt top done, and some random squares and half-square triangles waiting patiently to get done... I need some of your determination, speed and talent to rub off on me!