Saturday, June 18, 2011

Library Days

Going to the library with these two is a kick.

Abby just walks up to a shelf and randomly grabs a book, and is
dead set on checking out that exact random book.

This week she ended up with a book about a monkey named Marigold that is very set in her ways...ironic...huh?

Chick loves monkeys and the book could be her biography.

It starts out with:

Marigold did not agree with her mother, or her father, or her friend Maxine.
But she agreed with herself,
and that was the important thing.

Last week she ended up with a book about the Easter bunny.

This week she also wedged herself in between a chair and a bookshelf and yelled
at the top of her lungs in the library,
"I'm going poop! Leave me alone while I poop! I'm pooping here! I done, and I stuck! I stuck!"

(except when Abby says the word stuck, she leaves out the it sounds like "I done, and I suck! I suck!")

Thank you Abby. Thank you.

AJ walks around, looks through several books, and always has a very specific reason for his book selection.

This week he picked out a book on grains...
his logic being that they are healthy for our bodies so we should learn about them.

Last week he picked out a book about France because he wanted to learn about all the world.
He also named that book Francis and hugged it good-bye when he returned it.

Abby throws things when she is finished with them...plates...diapers....books...

It really is amazing that these two have the same parents.
This week we also took home the following titles:

My Big Girl Potty
Go Girl! Go Potty!
Going to the Potty

(noticing a theme here?)

Your New Potty
No More Diapers for Ducky!

(Because this momma needs all the help in this area of parenting she can get.)
I seriously think parents should get a medal or a trophy or a badge to sew on a sash...some kind of prize when their child is successfully potty trained.

After our time at the library, we hang out at the park behind the library for a while.
AJ has the time of his life.

Abby, the adrenaline junkie that is she,
is terrified of water shooting up out of the ground.

I don't get her.

Library Day usually ends in momma getting one heck of a big ice cold Dr. Pepper.


Cindy Reed said...

Sounds like you're having a fun summer, Chance!! I miss hangin' with you!! :)