Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Around These Parts

I finished out my school year a week from yesterday.

I left physically and emotionally exhausted.

In a short amount of time I found out I was hyperglycemic,
wrapped up end of the year grades,
cleaned out my classroom,
said good-bye to my friends and co-workers knowing I would not be returning any time soon, and felt the immense pain of losing a former student from my school way too young.

I have finally started sleeping through the night again.
I squeeze my own kiddos a little tighter and
tell them how much I love them excessively.

AJ graduated from his preschool class...

We decided awhile back to wait a year on Kindergarten.
He has a mid-summer birthday and is bit put it mildly.
So he will be going to Junior Kindergarten for his third year in preschool next year.
I'm cool with that.
I get to have a year with him at home before he goes to elementary school, and
I've never heard of anyone regretting waiting a year to send a kiddo to school.
I have boiled 5 pounds of green peanuts...
barely making a dent in the 25 pound box from Andy's grandpa.
We disassembled the deck and cleaned up the backyard for the new patio...
where a few hot wheels resurfaced and went through the kitchen sink car wash.
We've been enjoying cold beverages under the sun.
And I've had the joy of pulling this book out again...
to potty train this stubborn little girl.
Whew! Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...

you just wore me out reading all that. lol miss you guys stacey

Anonymous said...

Chance, you rock! - Andy