Sunday, December 5, 2010

Every Year

My sister and I exchange ornaments.
I greatly look forward to this exchange.
I take this process very serious.
I look for sentimental ornaments that spark a memory
or represent a special time in our lives.
This year I gifted her with this rubber ducky ornament in honor of
her being pregnant with her first son.
Baby boy...rubber works.
This year she gave me this giant silver blinged out fish
from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Last year I received a similar blinged out gold bird.
The year before that, it was another gold bird with a spastic feather.

I am noticing a theme here...
spastic blinged out animals.

What is it about these creatures that makes my sister think of me?


jessieg said...

You love you some bling! I think that fish is awesome! Where else can you find a quality fish like that. I have to be given props: I usually get your ornament from a special place...not a chain store. :)
And last year I embarassed myself buying our ornament: I broke an ornament in the process!
Now I need to find the perfect animal representation of you for next year. If you were an animal what would you be?
BTW, I love my ornament! I hung all your ornaments in the front! Even my bear eating a fish and the pink hippo. :)

mandysmusings said...

What a sweet family tradition! We have a similar one, though it's a little different -- my mom gives my sister and I an ornament every year. When we were kids we got to open it Christmas Eve and then hang it on the tree. When I moved in with James, mom gave me all my ornaments. Even the ones I made in school. And now I hang them all on my tree. Some of them are quite tarnished, but you can just make out "Mandy 1978". I love the idea so much, I'm passing down the tradition to Liam.

jessieg said...

Aww. That's so cute! I don't have any of my ornaments from my childhood unfortunately, but Jonathan gets ornaments every year and has seen he was born, so our tree is well decked.

Katlyn said...

Dude you should put up a pic if the awesome ornament I got you! Lol