Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random McRandomness

If I had to choose one and only one food to eat for the entire rest of my life,
I would choose bread.

I cry at every single Parenthood episode.

When my mother passed away, I clung to the few words she had written in a journal.
They were like a peek into her world. A gift left behind.
I blog so that my children will have a glimpse into my world.

I have recently accepted that I am a perfectionist,
but it still annoys me about myself.

I think Little Debbie Christmas Tree snack cakes
are one of the greatest things about the holiday season.

If I were to change professions,
I would choose to be a stay-at-home mom.

I love romance novels,
flavored coffee creamer,
flannel pajamas,
and those cheese & sausage gift sets you see at Christmas time.

I laugh when my four year old says inappropriate things
(like when he asks me if chicken butt is a sight word...or when he asks his dad
who died and made him the king of anything after his dad redirects him to finish his dinner before leaving the table),
but I try to regain composure before my four year old notices.

I love travel mugs, but am not a big fan of regular mugs.

The game Chutes and Ladders drives me c.r.a.z.y...
as in I would rather poke my eye out than play that game for even ten minutes.

My all time favorite song is Africa by Toto.

If I were to be totally honest,
AJ may get his potty humor from his mother.

My favorite place to buy jewelry is Forever 21.

I love chandeliers,
rain boots,
and Bath & Body Works' Winter Candy Apple lotion.

I want a crepe maker for Christmas.

My favorite side at Thanksgiving every year is my sister Tami's crock pot corn.

I prefer Milky Ways to Snickers.


Katlyn said...

Dude but a sewing machine for Christmas is so much better!

Anonymous said...

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