Sunday, November 21, 2010

Share The Wealth

I don't enjoy doing my hair and make-up...
in fact, it rather annoys me to waste time doing both...


over time I have found some favorite products worth dishin' out a little extra moolah for,
that make the entire process a little less irritating.

The first is Regis Designline's Get It Pressed spray to use before using a curling iron or flat iron.

It runs about $13 at a salon.
It protects your hair from the heat abuse and smooths down the frizz factor after blow drying.

Well worth the investment if you ask this chick.
Second, is Estee Lauder's Pure Color Shimmer Gloss: Wild Sugarcane.

My MIL gave me a gift set of several lip glosses several years ago. I have nursed the Wild Sugarcane one for used to be named Cider.

$20 at a department store Estee Lauder counter.

Like magic, it turns the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look into instant glam...

What mother doesn't need this in her purse?!

Third, comes Clinique's Almost Makeup.

It's a good middle ground between the thickness of foundation and the greasy feel of sun block.

It is the perfect amount of coverage without feeling painted on.
About $23 at a Clinique counter at a department store.

SPF 15, lightweight, and a slight tint of color...

I seriously need to hug whoever came up with this one.
And last, is a lot more pricey than I like to go...
Pureology's Hydrate Anti-fade Shampoo and Conditioner.

We have a love-hate relationship.

In fact, we even broke up a couple years ago, due to the steep price tag...
but I came crawling back after trying several other brands... left disappointed...
with dry, hay-like, damaged hair.

Now, I cringe, hold my breathe, look away, and fork over the $54 at a salon...
some things in life are just worth it.

I have found this to be one of them.

If you have any little secret treasures on your vanity, in your purse,
or stashed in your make-up bag,
share the wealth...
this momma would love to know!


Sarah Harkins said...

I used to buy Pureology and Benefit make up- sold at Macy's- a lot like MAC. Anyway, my friend started selling Arbonne, and I'm hooked to all their products. They don't use ANY synthetic or animal byproducts. It's all organic- no petrollelum or mineral oil. I just placed a big order for their black friday sale- can't wait to get it!

jessieg said...

I think I told you about Almost Makeup, didn't I? You know what I'm spending money on these days? A big fat jar of face moisturizer from Clinique. It's called Moisture Surge. I love it because I can use a cheap foundation—these days Cover Girl's Perfect Blend or something like that. I think it cost $34, but I can't make it last forever! It has aloe vera in it, so I have yet to break out with it. Seriously love the stuff!

My other fave that I never buy, but am thinking about it soon with the bambino arriving: Bumble & Bumble curl creme. I think I showed this to you a few years back. I think it's $30 for a tiny bottle, but it calms the frizz! I can recommend anything in the Bumble & Bumble line. I almost have got you it for Christmas several times in row, but I didn't want to be the person responsible for your addiction.

Jade said...

I love and have used most of the products that you have mentioned. I LOVE pureology!!! Although, I have not ever bought it! My old hair stylist (she would always use it on me!! It smells and feels WONDERFUL!!!!! Do you have any stylist friends that could buy it at a salon retail store for less? Thought that might help you...our local supplier does not carry it. I tried that road already.