Thursday, December 23, 2010

Before & After

I decided a couple months ago to make Girlfriend's Christmas dress this year.
I know I could have bought one at Costco...with a sweater...for $18...

& I almost did until Andy said,

"Why don't you just make her one?"

Right...let me just throw that together before the busiest time of year...sure.

I took the bait...
I mean...
Come on!
Andy was giving me permission to just go out and buy all the fabulous Christmas fabric I wanted...
well that is what I heard him say when he asked,

"Why don't you just make her one?"

So here we are 2 days before Christmas, and it is finished.

I struggled...
searching for the most fabulous pattern...
finding nothing close to as fun & funky to what I had envisioned.

So, I decided to just make it up as I went.

You never really know how these kinds of projects are going to turn out...
but in my crazy head...I was out of options.
I had invested a little chunk of moolah into this project
with all that fabulous Christmas fabric Andy said I should buy.

Girlfriend was getting a handmade dress.

Long story short:
I used the bodice pattern from a dress pattern a friend had
and just winged the skirt part.

It worked out, & I was finished a month ago,
but I felt like it needed something.
Like a double apron...
some pom-poms...
& some ruffles.
So I went to town last night.
Much better!

Now can't you just imagine
Mrs. Claus running around in a dress like this as a toddler?!


jessieg said...

OMG! If that isn't the cutest! By far better, and she love wearing it! And Andy is crazy. You should consult me first. He'll let you do anything. I, on the otherhand, would have saved you some sanity. But I loved how it turned out!

Sarah Harkins said...

Love it! So colorful!

Ann Herrell said...

The cutest ever... you are SO creative!

Cathy said...

OMG...That is the cutest dress? I'm very impressed. You are so talented, Chance.