Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Insta-Catch Up

Summer is finally here!!!

Thank you sweet baby Jesus!!!

Here are a few highlights from our craziness leading up to the end of school...

Our new way of making s'mores. AMAZING.

New summer shoes.

New plastic straws for our cups!

It's the little things in life.

I found this one morning after dropping the kids off at school, and it made me smile. Everything about this is so Abby.
These arrived for no reason one day.
They made me smile too.

We did Mommy & Me photos! This one is my fave. It made me all teary when I first saw it.

First of all, every time I look at it I see my mom, and have to shake off the shock of that. Then, I love AJ's smirk here. He is clearly humoring his mama. That's where he is at. My sweet, direction follower is getting a little attitude lately. Let's all hope that simmers down.

This happened the day before school got out. Ugh. We super glued them. So far it's working...

I may have acquired a selfie stick. Mahaha.

I'm not gonna lie...I made fun of these. Now I own one.

We upped our game from Settlers of Catan to Cities and Knights...

On Memorial Day Andy made crepes with Nutella and homemade coconut syrup. My absolute most fave breakfast EVER!

I got to use my vintage strawberry bowls and orange juice pitcher and glasses! Happy mama.

Ab graduated Kindergarten the day before AJ's last day of school!

We celebrated by riding bikes!

Brody went rogue...

Then he tried to ride off a wall...

And climb up the walls...

I nailed AJ in the car loop pick up line on the last day of school. It was hilarious.

We made our traditional friendship bracelets.

And we finally taught AJ how to play Settlers since he's been begging for months and months and had already read the entire rule book cover to cover. It was awesome. He giggled his way through the entire game, he was having so much fun. And although he mostly rolled 7's, he was pretty good at the game.