Sunday, May 17, 2015


This time of year is Crazytown.

I'm just ready to chill in the back yard and let the kids play, but every activity in our life is having end of the year events...parties...recitals...ceremonies.

I have a stack of Abby's math homework that we haven't done for a week sitting in the middle of the kitchen table that I cringe at every time I walk past. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Mama bear is tired.

One more week of school & 2 days for AJ & a Kindie graduation for Ab.

Can they buy school lunch everyday and wear pj's?

Then a week into summer I'll be all send them back! When does school start?! I can't entertain them any longer!

I am co-hosting a MJ trunk show with a free photo shoot with a BFF at the end of the month. It's a lemonade stand photo shoot!!! Be still my heart!

We made pinwheels and that banner and painted chairs! We love any excuse to craft it up! Love it! I mean LOVE IT!
If you are local, don't miss out!

The kids had a spirit week at school. Right after literacy week. Dude, they are killing me. Dressing up every day is insanity. We are lucky to remember lunches and snacks these days. We need stay home pj days for like the first two weeks of summer.

Ab planned Crazy Hair Day for three days leading up to it.

Hollywood Day was fun. For me. The kids had no idea who Ab was. But the cool adults did.

I told Ab to pose like a movie star in the last pic. And she roared...

My first new jams in weeks. Then I did dishes & cleaned toilets & they fell off. Meh. They were fun for a day.

Projects only happen after the kids go to sleep around here. So at 10PM over You've Got Mail & some coffee, the sanding & painting began.

I made this step stool in shop class in middle school. In 1993. She needed a make over...

I'm over the moon with how she turned out & want to paint EVERYTHING in my house now!

AJ hopped in the van & handed me this from his teacher this week. Made this chick's day.

I went to take the trash out the other day. (Yes Andy I took the trash out.) And found idea. But it made me smile.

It was gone the next time I walked by.

Brody had his last day of preschool, and I met him with Mac N Cheese for a picnic when I picked him up.

He said, "Let's take a picture-ah on our pic-a-nic!"

Love that boy up!
He climbed in bed the other morning and snuggled up and said, "I will always be your baby. And you will always be my sweet mama. And we are snuggle bugs!"
If he would have asked for a car and a pony after that, I probably would have said yes.

A quest for a woodland fairy dress brought Ab and I to a thrift store the other day. You know I love a good treasure hunt! I could search for days in one store.

We scored these awesome vintage finds for $8. And a new set of Shabby Chic twin sheets for $2. And a new lemon tea towel for $2. And me a coral color sundress in super good, like new condition.

Oh and a women's skirt to convert into Ab's woodland fairy dress! It was awesome.

Ab had her spring tap & ballet recital. That girl loves to be on stage.

It was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. She danced so hard, she got applause mid performance from the audience. It was spectacular.

Then she almost threw down in the middle of her ballet dance when her class missed a step. There was scarf jerking and yelling that could be heard over the music.
She never ceases to amaze me. That one.

#lifewithabby is entertaining to say the least.

And sometimes terrifying.

This boy loves to wear a tie.
And demands to have his photo taken.
Then he does this...

A girl after my own heart.

Dirty from working in the school garden and hugging a chicken.

We will have chickens one day. The day is coming. Just wait for the spastic chicken post.

I have big plans for the summer.
That include strolling through farmers markets and giggling over soda in glass bottles...and playing card games and board games...and running through the sprinkler...and Sonic happy hour...and days at the pool...and movie nights...and s'mores...and adventures in the mountains...and reading awesome book series with the kids!

I can't freakin' wait!