Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sorella Weekend 2015

Is there anything better than a summer girls weekend?!


Time dedicated to just being with people you love and admire.

It's good for the soul I tell ya!

Girlfriend and I roadtripped out to Oklahoma for the big weekend! She was the best roadtripper! Going for 5 hour stretches without stopping & no complaints! Say what?!

And she rocked that hat & her sunglasses the whole trip there. Just love her spirit and personality!

Our first road trip selfie.

Naturally, we stopped at every state sign on the way there! Because that's what you do on a girls road trip! You embrace the road trip!

In New Mexico we had some random strangers on the side of the road take our pic...probably not the smartest idea...but we are still alive to blog about it so they were good people. Whew.

After that we used the selfie stick for our pics...
Let me tell you, we knew we were in Oklahoma when we got out of the van and the thick air smacked us in the face & Ab's hat almost blew away.
We picked up Ab's paper doll friend at a gas station along the way...because you had to be a paying customer to use their restroom...ha!
We arrived a day early since our drive was sooooo long.
Ab got in some swimming. And we caught frogs.
This girl needs to live in the country and catch frogs every day!
We won't talk about how she tried to scale an electric barb wire fence sopping wet from the pool when she took off after the sunset.

She was pretty ticked when she kissed that frog and nothing happened...

So she kissed it again...

I told her to wait 20 years...her Prince Charming had to grow up.

After Abby didn't electrocute herself, we swam some more...
but with wine this time.
I loved just chilling poolside, with the wind on my in my hand.

Friday everyone arrived, and the party really got started...

Custom summer sorella cookies!!

This girl and those freckles and that strawberry blonde hair.
The picture of summer!

I never said she was a lady though...

She likes her "chicken in the bone".

Matching sunglasses were in order for the weekend.
And yellow was simply perfect!
Pretty much love everything about this pic.

Alice made homemade peach cobbler from scratch. Amazing.

And homemade cherry pie from scratch.
We ate well.
Love these ladies so much. I mean it. They are so freakin' special each & every one of them!
Isla Rai is being raised up right fo sho.

We took a few Isla Rai pics...


We went out for sushi. I had fried rice. Ha!
We met up with a good friend that moved to Oklahoma.
And these girls were reunited for a brief visit. So sweet.
And we played some Settlers of course!

Make time for the important people in your life. Drive hours upon hours to see them. Be silly with them! Embarrass them with selfie sticks! They are so totally worth it!