Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Still Catching Up...Summer is Awesome!!!

So much randomness & happiness in the little things up in this post.

Check out this gorgeous view of the sunset behind the mountains...from my laundry room window. Such a beauty to take I'm folding towels. Ha!

This makes me laugh. Every time.

I'm kinda obsessed with these frames right now. Funky, yet classy & so bright & fun! And we all know how I LOVE photos!

These two. Buds. Stinkin' adorable together!

They crack me up!

Inspired by the season, I went for some neon jams! So in love with this combo! Island Energy clear Jamberries over neon polish! Crazy fun!

This beauty opened up, and makes me smile every time I walk by her.

Summer should be super crazy fun. All the way down to the ice in our drinks. $3 in ice cube trays, and they went nuts. It doesn't take much to make something magical for little ones. When do we lose that ability to find joy in such little things?!

I have a friend that is the most kind, loving, giving person in the entire world. I mean it. She never, ever stops giving of herself, her time, her energy, her love, her commitment, her everyone around her. She amazes me every day. She listens with her whole heart and naturally goes out of her way to make sure others feel special. It's a rare quality to find someone so willing to give in every capacity. I don't do our friendship justice. I truly don't. And just when I think she can't possibly do any more or make me feel any more loved, she surprises me with a vintage camper treat! To see the world with such giving eyes! Such an inspiration that one! She makes me want to love deeper...give better every day.

On a totally different note. Seriously. How the heck does this child do this to clothes every day?! It's a good thing I have such an awesome view out my laundry room window.

Ummm. Mangoritas are delicious. Like amazingly tropically summery delicious. And Settlers. Well Settlers is just awesome every time. The two together is the perfect end to a summer's day.

On a quilt. Under a tree. With good friends. And fresh air.

This is how summer days should be spent.

And building sand forts by a creek. It was pretty much a perfect day...

Everything is this picture makes me giddy. Purple toes. A flip flop tan. Neon summer jams. On the patio. Polka dot straws. Iced coffee.

Ahhhhh summer.

Homemade cinnamon sugar tortilla chips...

And homemade fruit salsa!

I ate till my stomach hurt. True story.


Carpe Caffeine.

True that.

Latern lights in the play structure. Why yes! That sounds crazy fun!

Have an awesome week!

Stop and look at the sunset as you fold towels.

Pause to look at the roses when you leave the house.

Enjoy the little fun ice!

Give till your friends feel embraced by love every day!

Let your kids let their clothes crazy dirty. (This one was hard for me. But I'm there now.)

Play board games till all hours of the night with good friends.

Lay on a quilt under a tree and watch the clouds float by.

Eat till your stomach hurts.

Decorate like it's a party every day.





Becky Hensler said...

I just saw this...crying. literally. I love you!