Friday, October 3, 2014

Insta-Friday October Style

Hello October!!!

You're my most favorite month of the year!

I love the colors in October, and the cool, crisp air and all the pumpkins popping up everywhere and snuggling up in cozy sweaters and wearing skinny jeans with tall boots and getting ready for Halloween!!!

Andy and I had a lunch date at Mod Market last weekend. I had the coconut Thai salad and a cream soda!
Mango peanut dressing, shredded coconut, grilled chicken, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes! So refreshing!

I'm loving these spooky colors against our black front door! So bright and fun and festive!

Burlap and sparkly ribbon! Are you kidding?! So rustic, yet funky at the same time!

I spy a yellow.gingham.button! Sewn on with a contrasting color thread!

I mean how seriously charming is that?!

But wait! It gets better!

A vintage floral print!
And trimmed with lavender ribbon...adorn with yellow hearts and some steadfast advice!
My forever MJ *In Search Of* finally surfaced at an awesome price, and I snatched that sucker up!

You know me...I love me some ombré nails with a fun accent!

That rainbow leopard print takes me back to my days of Lisa Frank folders and notebooks in elementary school.

Lisa Frank was all that back in the day.

Yeah, so I love fall. But not terrifying freak hail storms.

Seriously Colorado?!

Another new roof?! Our roof is only ONE YEAR OLD from the last hail storm.

And $2,000 worth of damage to the swagger wager.


October 1st meant MJ had their third release for their fall line.

It was full of purple.

I'm a sucker for purple.

And this corduroy skirt is just frolicking in a field of flowers on a crisp fall day made manifest in a piece of clothing.
I had to have it.
End of story.

This boy plays hard and crashes hard.

Love him up.

I'm not gonna lie, one of my fave parts of teaching religious ed is planning and making crafts.

This cutie pie tough guy Munchkinlander had his opening night this week.

2 performances down, 3 to go.

You might see this kid on Broadway one day. Ya never know.

Ab loves Fancy Nancy. I love Fancy Nancy.

I love that Ab loves Fancy Nancy.

Mmmmmm. Vanilla Spice.
With the promise of energizing the body and focusing the mind!
Sign this mom up stat!
Jade ruffles.
Leopard print flats.
Pretty much the most awesome outfit ever.
So two of my favorite things collided, and this happened.

A ruffle.

A pocket.

A cute button.

Funky Halloween prints.

All in one bag.

My undying love.

True story.

Have a great weekend!

I'm going to watch that Munchkinlander on stage, make some homemade cider, hang out with family, praise the Lord, and watch some football.