Sunday, October 12, 2014


And just like that another week came and went.

So many beautiful moment amongst the crazy ones.


How this mama rolls.

Mama and munchkin selfie.

Not gonna lie. I'm his biggest fan.

I was struggling with what to do for a boy actor. I just wasn't feeling flowers for him. Then a friend suggested hot wheels! Genius! A hot wheels bouquet was perfect! He LOVED it! And it only cost $6! Holla.

Our Cider Days tradition with Nana and Papa continues!

Tractors, donkey rides, petting zoo, inflatables, barrel train, and making fresh cider! So fun and so freakin' fall!

AJ started his first reconciliation prep. It's so awesome to see him grow spiritually.

I went bowling with my Young Life Capernaum kids. I had one strike and a lot of gutter balls. I was way more into the pizza, breadsticks, and company.

Abby and I went on a special trip just to get Halloween decorations together. It's pretty rare these days to get one-on-one time with the kiddos. She was over the moon and tried to buy the entire Halloween isle. It was super fun to see her so jazzed about decking out our front yard.

Brody loves it. He says, "Our house DECORATED!!!" Every single time we drive up.

My Jamberry hostess rewards came in the mail.

Holy Jamberry Batman! It was like Christmas Day!

This little boy just about bursts with happiness every day.

Out of the blue on the way to school the other day he said,

"I love you mom! I love people! And trees! I love trees! And people's trees! I love people's trees!"


So why didn't I know Jamba Juice had a pumpkin drink till now?!


The kiddos had their Fall Fun Run at school this week.

Together they ran 60 laps.

Andy had initially pledged $4 per lap. What the what?! We'll work out a reasonable pledge total. That is not $240.

Anyway, they were a tired hot mess of a crew that night. Oy vey.

At Abby's Kindergarten parent teacher conference Abby's teacher described Abby as a free spirited artist...someone that will probably always live in the moment and care more about being creative than about academics.
I think she nailed that one on the head.
I'm not gonna lie, the teacher and OCD planner in me struggles with this.
But when I let it go, and just let Abby be Abby, it is a beautiful thing.
Fall break officially began Thursday night, and it is an awesome thing.
I rang it in snuggled on the couch with some hot tea and The Lego Movie with the kids.

We spent Friday morning swimming with good buddies.

3 hours splashing and jumping in and going down the slide and lounging in the hot tub and floating in the lazy river.

It was so perfect.
Then the kiddos went to a Nana and Papa's, and Andy and I had a date night...dinner and stocking up on camping supplies.
We had pumpkin creme brûlée for dessert.
It was amazing. It was everything magical about fall in my mouth.
I'm gonna daydream about it for a long time.

I spent Saturday in a CPR and First Aid class. The CPR part of the class was fascinating, and I started thinking that being a rescuer would be really cool...

Then the First Aid part of the class happened.

And during the video my stomach started feeling kinda yucky and my palms began to sweat and it was suddenly really really hot in the room...and I thought oh shit I'm gonna pass out.

So needless to say, if blood is involved I'm no help to you. At all. I pretty much go into shock and medical help myself.

But if there is no blood and you stop breathing or your heart stops, I'm your gal.

After the trauma of the First Aid video, we loaded up Mary Flair, went to bible study, and got a good nights sleep for our big fall break adventure!
We started with a flat tire, but were shortly back on track.
Wheels down by 11:20am.



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I'm lovin' the hat! Have a great time!