Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Break 2014


Road tripping in the truck...

where all 3 kids can touch each other is intense.

But the load ones finally fell asleep giving us some relief...

And we made it to South Dakota!

Sans Mary Flair's license plates...as they vibrated off her somewhere between Colorado and South Dakota. Oops. #vintagelicenseplatebracket

But hey, we didn't get pulled over all the way there and back.

We went to Bear Country and saw lots of wildlife!

We went to The Cosmos per AJ's teacher's recommendation. AJ is still baffled by the gravitational hot spots. We didn't tell him it's just a cabin built at a 25 degree angle on the slope of a mountain...

The kiddos went geode hunting.

And did a lot of exploring around the campground.

Love this picture.


We made it!!!

AJ took this pic for us.

We went to Crazy Horse.

Apparently mountain craving is all the rage in South Dakota...

Then we came home. And I promptly put new Jamberries on! #pumpkinspicejn

Abby chose Shine Bright. Do these not bring you back to the days of Rainbow Brite?!

Then a friend and neighbor gifted me with Candy Corn M & M's and a Starbucks card! Holla!

Best fall break ever!