Friday, September 26, 2014


Whew! What a week.

Abby had her first AHG service project last weekend. It was awesome to see her put herself out there to help other people. Love American Heritage Girls!

She collected pencils to send to Kenya.

We had lunch at my fave place. Blue raspberry NERDS slush.


Ab said, "Hey, I have a fry brow."

After lunch we ventured out to find a spot for family pictures coming up this weekend. It was fun to just drive and explore.

We live in a beautiful state.

These pictures are going to be epic. I can hardly wait!!!

I'm feeding my obsession and having an on-line Jamberry party.

Love love LOVE Jamberry!

Seriously fun, practical for a busy mama, and way less than going out for a mani or pedi. And they don't chip. And you don't have to wait for them to dry. And there's hundreds of fun designs. I could go on and on.

Ab went to store to buy food for a local food pantry. She picked out some super fun food. Love to see her grow in her passion for service.

Things I do while the kids are in school. I do laundry too....sometimes.
They are growing up.

Have a fabulous weekend!