Sunday, September 7, 2014


Whew! Busy week. So full of quality family time and good friends.

We started Labor Day weekend off with a fire and s'mores...

And continued the next day with visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Feeding the graiffes was one of the coolest things I have ever done.

They are absolutely beautiful creatures. Look at those eye lashes!

Then later that night we missed bible study because Brody Bear was puking all over the place. Sad.

I'm not sure what this poor rocking house did to Brody, but he secured him with fabric strips, bead necklaces, cable cords, ropes, Andy's missing belt...he did quite the number on that poor horse...

Sunday morning we had homemade crepes. Soooo yummy.

Sunday evening we made homemade applesauce...

Smoked pork chops...Fried green tomatoes....

And homemade sandwich bread for the kids' lunches.

Yay three day weekends!

We stocked up on some fall goodies...
I put on new jam berries! Seriously addicted to these nail wraps.

And on Tuesday Brody Bear started pre-school!

Sweet boy loves it!

He says, "It's so fun there!"

He just pulls that monkey backpack inside, gets his name tag, washes his hands, and runs off to play like he owns the place.

He says, "I go school now."

And my heart melts.

Love that boy something fierce.

Also love my new two kid free hours twice a week!

I made AJ's munchkin costume this week...

I am finding that shopping without kids is incredibly fun! I may have lost control in Bath and Body Works over their delicious fall scents!!!

Halloween Oreos. Fall is the best time of year. Ever.

We executed the best tractor birthday party in history. Easy. Fun. Hilarious. Just cake, ice cream, and Gator rides. #genius

Brody said, "Ride the alligator now."

He went on every single ride.

Can't believe our sweet boy is 3...well on September 15th.

This little guy loves to play with trucks and tractors and cars and tools, play in the dirt and rocks and sand, chase bunny rabbits, build with Lego duplo blocks, drive his cozy coupe like a maniac, give squeeze around the neck hugs, snuggle with his pillow pet and blankie, sing, participate in everything around him, climb, swing, eat anything in sight, pretend to be a doggie, roar like a dinosaur, carry around his teddy bear, see police cars and fire trucks, wash his hands, and just smiles and laughs all day long every day. He's our sweet, fun-loving, adventurous Brody Bear.