Friday, August 29, 2014


Hello friends!
Fall is in the air, and it makes me feel downright giddy! I'm so excited for sweaters and boots and scarves and pumpkin spice lattes and visiting pumpkin patches and painting pumpkins and caramel apples and figuring out Halloween costumes and baking fall goodies!!!
The windows are open and a cinnamon scentsy is burning! My heart is full and happy.
The kiddos had their fall festival at school last Friday. It was awesome. They go to a truly amazing school. There were over 480 students attend this year! They had inflatables, laser tag, a climbing wall, snow cones, a food truck...a huge kayak tank....
A local kids hair salon did hair and nails...
There was a photo booth...

There were face painters...Brody said, "I'm BATMANNN!"


There was the very popular traditional cake walk...where Abby picked one of our own cakes to bring home.
So funny. When I brought them into school, she told me she would be winning one to bring back home. She is one determined little girl. Like her mama, once she says she is going to do something, she does it. Nothing stands in her way. I'm telling ya, watch out for this one. She's feisty. We love her and all her personality up.

Mary Flair made her maiden voyage with us last weekend.

It was seriously the most fun experience ever. I love that our kids will grow up camping. I love that they get excited to be outdoors and just hang out together as a family. I love that we get a break from screens. I love that we disconnect from the world and reconnect as a family. This was the best investment ever. A investment in us as a family.

When we bought her I knew she needed a name, and not just any name. Because she was not just any camper. She was the vintage camper I had dreamed about.
I told AJ she needed a name with 2 names. He thought for a second and with the biggest smile on his face said, "Mary Flair!" And we instantly loved it!
Flair-noun 1. A special talent 2. Stylishish and originality
She had flair. He was right.
Abby adamantly declared in her typical Abby style that she was Mary Flair THE JELLYBEAN. Because she was shaped like a jellybean.
And there you have it.
We snuck in some tubing on the lake with nana and papa. These kids love being on a lake. And man do they love their nana and papa. Abby says they are way more fun than mom and dad. Thanks Abby.
But seriously, who let Abby drive the boat?!

Brody Bear is always up for a boat ride. Sweet boy.

There were hot air balloons taking off while we ate breakfast. How whimsical and fun is that?! And now Abby wants to ride in one. Lovely.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Jamberry nails. They are just so fun that I have to take a picture every time. So then you get to endure all my nail pictures. I mean pink and orange ombré nails! How fun is that?! This set reminds me of Barbie in the 80's.

Oh Abby. We knew all her spunk would be interesting in Kindergarten. We knew she might challenge authority. We were hoping and praying it would go smoothly.

Week 2 and she had a yellow day and declared her dislike for getting "talking to's" by Mrs. M. Le sigh.

Pray that she is done testing the water and has learned consequences for not listening are not fun. Pray that this evens out. I love that girl, but dang she has her mama's edge to her.

We are really pumping up how fun and awesome Kindergarten is. We are in full yay school Kindergarten rocks mode. I even bought a shirt. Pray it works.

Until then, I'm mainlining Dr. Pepper.

"Lip stick mom. I found your lip stick."

Well at least it wasn't the Tums this time.

Love me some peppermint tea as the weather cools off...or during a thunderstorm...which we seem to have a lot of around here.

Brody walks around saying, "It's gonna rain mom. Mom, it's gonna rain." Yup child. You're right. It's gonna rain.

Brody Bear starts preschool next week! My baby is not a baby anymore.

He's gonna eat it up. I know he'll love every second of it. My boys love learning. Abby...not so much. #girlsarenoteasier

Yay fall magazines!!! Nuff said.

I love our morning together after we drop the big kids off at school. Just us. Playing in the backyard. It's kinda magical.

Have a fabulous 3 day weekend!!! I can't wait to soak up my fam! I'm pretty much head over heels in love with all of them.



Jessaca said...

I love that AJ came up with the name Mary Flair! So unique and a great memory. Is that the fall fest we've been too? That's so crazy how big it's gotten! I can't wait to don some skinny jeans (need to go get a maternity pair), my boots, sweaters, and scarves and get hot chai! Gonna make some pumpkin bread in the bread maker