Friday, August 15, 2014


Hello friends.

I'm loving getting back into a groove and having a school routine. I feel so much more productive when we have structure.

We decided to convert my sewing room into a room for AJ so that he has his own space. He never complained, but I know it was hard having his younger siblings tear up his Lego creations or his sketches he spent hours working on. He deserved a place where he could go read quietly and his stuff was safe from destruction. He is loving it, and I'm so happy he has it!

I'm so in love with Jamberry nail wraps! I'm always a sucker for a fun pattern and love having fun nails!

Mass with three kids can sometimes be rough. Last Sunday was particularly difficult. #mamaneededadrinkafterward

The beauty of my roses never cease to amaze me. I love how full and bright they are. They make me happy every time I come and go.

Caramel dip and apples bring back fall for me. Yummo. So looking forward to fall this year!

Abby was over the moon to meet Anna and Elsa at local toy store this week. It was pretty cute how in awe she was.

We did a family practice ride to school to make sure AJ was ready for his first ride on his new bike this school year. I love getting out for family bike rides. Even if I can't sit for two days afterward. #ineedtoinvestinpaddedbikeshorts

Abby was super excited and a little nervous to start Kindergarten this year! Her teacher gave her Ready Confetti to put under her pillow the night before the first day of school. She was so proud and excited to sprinkle that confetti under her pillow. Love that girl up!

I can't believe my AJ is a 2nd grader! He still loves to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and doing math.
He loves riding his bike to school with his friend Charlie whenever he gets the chance, and I love that he gets to do it!

Abby started Kindergarten!!! She is loving it! Whew. We were not sure how this was going to go.

She insisted on getting a roller backpack. Watching her maneuver that gigantic thing around is spectacular.

Sending this girl to school is so different than sending AJ was. With AJ I worried that my sensitive boy would get his feelings hurt by other kids. With Abby I worry if she will follow directions and keep her attitude reigned in. How can two kids from the same parents be so very different?

AJ had his first play practice this week! He has been working really hard on memorizing his lines and all the songs. I'm so amazed by that boy.

Oh Brody. Watching you eat can melt away a bad day.

All week, every morning Brody wanders around the house asking, "Where's Abby?" Then he asks, "Go get her now?" about 20 times.
Today we brought me this picture and said, "For Abby Cat."
He made sure to bring it with him when we loaded up to go get her from school, and proudly presented it to her when she came out of the building.
#meltmyheart #thisboyLOVEShisbigsister
Abby requested a Jamberry nail party with her BFF after school Thursday, and who can say no to that?! I love being girly girls with good friends. It's good for the soul.

Have an awesome weekend.