Monday, February 27, 2012

I Should Just Start Calling It Insta Monday

Because if it doesn't happen on Friday, it's probably not
going to happen on Saturday or Sunday either.
It's just not.

life rearranged

Last week I made a tutu for Abby.
She wasn't really all that into it.
6.yards.of.tulle. and she wasn't excited people!
Have you ever sewn with tulle?!
I'll just stop there...
before I start using the caps lock.
And I think maybe that powder on those donuts is really crack instead of sugar.
At least that would explain why I ate the entire box for breakfast one morning.
I did a little applique and fabric covered canvas project for my nephew's first birthday.
I could play it all off tough and macho like, pretending I used that staple gun, but really I cringed and covered my ears
every time Andy pulled the trigger.
I supervised where the staples went.
In the middle of the canvas project Abby freaked out
screaming like a banshee something unintelligible about her sucker.
This is what I saw when I turned around.
Andy's dad's car is in our driveway while his parents are in Mexico.
This is the text I get Tuesday morning.
Like I would really hit anything with the swagger wagon.
Come on now.

We went to an animal museum with some friends last week.
It was crazy fun.
This kid is getting more freckles!
So stinkin' adorable.
AJ said he "just had a little spill."
Little as in red kool-aid splattered across the entire kitchen little.
Did you know that there is a World Nutella Day?
It's February 5 apparently.
Mark your calendars for next year.
Head on over the Plain Chicken for this Nutella Gooey Butter Cookie recipe.
Brody continues to smile and giggle all day long.
Crazy happy kid.
I hopped on a plane to Kansas City last Thursday night...
to visit this sistah...
for this nephew's first birthday!
Andy had all three kids, all by himself, all weekend.

I think he has a new appreciation for his wife.

Keep it real.

I'm going to go attempt to restore the house back to the state it was in last Thursday when I left.
Have I ever mentioned that I hate housework?